• [CPU] XP
    • Features

      • PID Control
        • Operates 32Loops PID without PID module.
      • RTC (Except CP*A type)
        • Reads time from RTC and stored in an F memory device.
      • Input and Output Reservation
        • Scans and detects module at designated slot.
        • Refers to reservation function which writes a program without I/O change in case of extension,
          damage or module replacement.
      • Online Edit
        • Scan program can be edited when CPU is RUN mode(Online).
      • RS-232 Port (XPnB, CP3C, CP3E, CP4E/F)
      • RS-422/485 Port (CP4D/U, CP4F)

      Self-Diagnostic Functions

      • Watch-Dog Timer
        • Detects delayed operation errors in the program.
      • Module installation in Slot
        • Detects whether a module is installed in the slot.
      • Memory Error
        • In case of Flash memory errors of the CPU module or Dual Port Ram of a Special module, the Error message will be saved
          in the F memory device.
      • Battery Error
        • If the battery operates under standard voltage, F3.4 will be turned ON.
      • Power Error
        • If input voltage to Power module is lower than standard range, the RUN and STOP lamp will blink.

      See Certifications

  • Performance Specification
    • Performance Specification
      Items Items
      CM1-XP1A/B/E/R CM1-XP2A/B/E CM1-XP3A/B/E
      Program Control Method Stored Program, Cyclic operation, Time Driven Interrupt
      I/O Control Method Interrupt system, Direct by Instructions, Scan Synchronous Batch Processing System.
      Program Language IL, LD, SFC(Sequential Function Chart), FBD(Function Block Diagram)
      FBD Extension – XPnB, XPnE only
      SFC(Sequential Function Chart) – XPnB, XPnE only
      Data Processing Method 32 Bit
      Instructions Sequence 55 Instruction
      Application 389 Instruction
      Processing speed 75ns / Step (Sequence)
      Program Capacity 128K Step 64K Step 64K Step
      2Mbyte 2Mbyte 2Mbyte
      BASE Extension Extendable (Maximum 16 Bases)
      Data memory capacity 1Mbyte
      Device Memory X 8,192 points 4,096 points 2,048 points
      M 16,000 points
      K 16,000 points
      L 16,000 points
      F 2,048 points
      T 4,096 points (Select 10ms or 100ms)
      C 4,096 points
      S 100Card * 100Step
      D 32,000 words
      Z 1,024 words
      Q 512 words (XPnB/E only)
      R 6 words
      Timer Types On delay, Off Delay, Integration, Monostable, Retriggerable
      Time range 0.01sec ~ 6,553.5sec
      Counter Types Up Counter, Down Counter, Up-Down Counter, Ring Counter
      range -32,768 ~ +32,767
      Operation modes LOCAL or REMOTE (RUN, STOP, PAUSE MODE)
      Self-Diagnosis Watchdog timer, Memory error, I/O error, Battery error, Power error detection
      Battery Back-up Over 8 years
      Built-in Function
      • Floating-point operation
      • PID Control (32 Loops)
      • I/O Reservation
      • Computer Link(RS232C / USB 2.0)
      • Clock (RTC)
      • Program Editable on Run Mode
      • RS-232 1CH (optional)