• Temperature
      • Convert the temperature converted by PT100, JPT100, PT1000, Ni1000 to a decimal point and displays digital value between 0~16000.
      • Converted temperature -200℃~600℃(PT100/1000/JPT100) or -50℃~160℃(Ni1000), convert to 0~16000 (-8000~8000).
      • Temperature displays -250℃~650℃(PT100/PT1000/JPT100) or -60℃~170℃(Ni1000), and digital values of -192~16191(-8192~8191).
      • If user set min. and max. temperature value, it converts min. value to 0(-8000), and maximum value to 16000(8000).
      • Each channel has ability to detect disconnection of thermoresistor and cable, and exceed of measurement range.
      • LED is lighted in normal status, and blinks at the intervals of 0.2 second in error status and 4 points sensors (PT100, JPT100, PT1000, Ni1000) can be connected to one module.

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  • Specification
    • Specification(CM3-SP04ERO)
      Item Specification
      RTD type PT100, JPT100, PT1000,
      Ni1000 (DIN 43760), Ni1000 (TCR 5000)
      Temperature input range PT100 : -200.0°C to 600°C (18.52 to 313.71Ω)
      JPT100 : -200.0°C to 600°C (17.14 to 317.31Ω)
      PT1000 : -200.0°C to 600°C (185.2 to 3137.1Ω)
      Ni1000(DIN 43760): -50.0°C to 160°C(742.6 to 2065.9Ω)
      Ni1000(TCR 5000): -50.0°C to 160°C (790.9 to 1863.6Ω)
      Digital output Digital converted value : 0~16,000 (-8000~8000)
      Temperature detected value : -2000~6000 (소수점 한자리의 값X10)
      Accuracy ±0.1%(Full Scale)
      Max. conversion speed 40ms / 4channels
      Temperature input point 4channels / 1module
      Insulation type Photo-coupler insulation between input terminal and PLC (no insulation between channels)
      Terminal block 12points terminal block
      Internal current(mA)
      +3.3V 40
      +24V 10