• Temperature
    • Using CANbus, exchanges data in real-time.

      • The temperature converted by a platinum resistance temperature detector of Pt100 of Jpt100 or Pt1000 or Ni1000 can be displayed in ℃ or ℉, and the temperature values can be processed as digital values up to the first decimal place.
      • The converted temperature data are converted to 16bit binary data, which can be processed as digital values. The temperature in the range from -200℃ to 600℃ are converted to the values from 0 to 16000(-8000~8000).
      • The range of temperature is from -250℃ to 650℃, and the range of digital value is from -192 to 16191.
      • If Min and Max. temperature values are set up, the min. value will be converted to 0 (-8000) and the max. value is 16000(8000).
      • Each channel can detect the breaking of resistance temperature, cables, and the excess of measuring range.
      • There are 4 channels to connect PT100, JPT100, PT1000 or Ni1000.
      • The number of modules used on one base is not limited.
      • LED is lighted in normal status, and blinks at the intervals of 0.2 second in error status.

      See Certifications

  • RTD
    • Specification
      CM1-RD04A CM1-RD04B
      Available RTD Pt100
      (JIS C1640-1989, DIN 43760-1980)
      (KS C1603-1991, JIS C1604-1981
      Pt1000 (DIN EN 60751)
      Range of Temperature Input Pt100:-200.0°C to 600°C
      (18.48 to 313.59Ω)
      JPt100:-200.0°C to 600°C
      (17.14 to 317.28Ω)
      Pt1000:-200.0°C to 600°C
      (185.20 to 3137.08Ω)
      Digital Output Digital converted value : 0~16,000 (-8000~8000)
      Detected temperature value : -2000~6000
      (First decimal place value X 10 times)
      Detecting the breaking of wires 3 wires per channel
      Accuracy ±0.1%[Full Scale]
      Max.Conversion Rate 50ms / 1ch.
      Number of Temperature Inputs 4 Ch. / 1 module
      Insulation Between input terminal and PLC Power : Photo-Coupler
      Between channels : No
      Contact terminal 18-points Terminal Block
      No. of Occupied Points 16 Points
      +5V 50
      +15V 30
      -15V 10
  • TC
      • TC module can connect 8 types of thermocouple (K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N) directly and indicate converted temperature as Celsius or Fahrenheit (̊C, ̊F).
      • It can convert temperature value into digital value up to the first decimal place.
      • TC module converts temperature data into 16bit binary digital value. It converts maximum and minimum value of Thermocouple into 0~16,000 (-8,000 ~ 8,000).
      • It indicates temperature from minimum -50 ̊C to maximum +50 ̊C and digital value -192 ~ 16191.
      • If minimum and maximum value are set up, TC module converts minimum value into 0(-8,000) and maximum value into 16,000(8,000).
      • Each channel of TC module can detect disconnection of Thermocouple and cable and excess of measuring range.
      • TC04A has 4 channels for thermocouples.
      • No limitation for number of TC modules installed on the one base.
      • LED is lighted in normal status, and blinks at the intervals of 0.3 second in error status.
      Items CM1-TC04A
      Available Thermocouple Type K, J, E, T, B, R, S, N
      Digital Output Digitally converted value: 0 ~ 16000(-8000~8000),
      Converted temperature value:(Range of measured temp.X10)
      Range of Temperature
      Type Code Range of Measured Temperature (°C) Range of Measured Voltage (μV)
      K KS C1602 -200.0~1200.0 -5891~48828
      J -200.0~800.0 -7890~45498
      E -200.0~600.0 -8824~45085
      T -200.0~400.0 -5602~20869
      B 400.0~1800.0 786~13585
      R 0.0~1750.0 0~21006
      S 0.0~1750.0 0~18612
      N -200.0~1250.0 -3990~43846
      RJC Automatic
      Detecting the breaking of wires By channels
      Accuracy ±[ Full Scale]x0.3%+1°C(RJC Error)]
      Max. Converted Rate 50ms / 1 Channel
      No. of Input Channels 4 channels /module
      Insulation Between input terminal and PLC: Photo- Couple, Between output channels: No
      Connection Terminal 18 points Terminal Block
      +5V 60
      +15V 30
      -15V 10
  • Thermistor
      • Maximum of 8 channels NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) measuring thermistor with one module.
      • Temperature data (°C) is accurately measured down to the first decimal place.
      • Can detect disconnection with each channel and also adjusts if the temperature exceeds the measuring range.
      • The thermistor temperature resistance table is able to input desired minimum, medium and maximum temperature.
      Model CM1-TH08A
      Range of Thermistor Input NTC TYPE
      Range of Thermistor Input Resistance 0~1MΩ
      Resolving Power of Thermistor Input Resistance 0 Ω~40kΩ : 1Ω
      40 kΩ~400kΩ : 10Ω
      400 kΩ~1MΩ : 30Ω
      Cover Range Temperature Convert Value ℃,℉ (0.1℃ Resolution)
      Digital Value 0~16000, -8000~8000
      Resistance – Temperature Calculation Steinhart-Hart thermistor polynomial
      Accuracy ±0.3 %(Full Scale)
      Max. Conversion Rate 1 sec(8ch)
      Temperature Input Point 8 points
      Insulation Method
      Connection Terminal 18 points Terminal

      ※ Caution: Cannot be used with CM1-SPA power module.