‘CIMON-SCADA’ is a powerful and reliable all-in-one tool with a variety of uses from designing graphical pages to monitoring and controlling industrial sites.

  • SCADA Redundancy (Primary / Secondary)
  • Web Server and Client Remote Control
    (Explorer browser or Mobile App on iOS/ Android)
  • Multiple Protocols and PLC Drivers (OPC, ODBC, SQL, OLE, TCP/IP, Modbus, FEP)
  • Dongle type USB License
  • CRF21 part 11 standards of the American FDA
  • Trend Analysis (Real-time Mode / Historical Mode)
  • Report in Microsoft Excel (Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Alarm (Email / Mobile notifications, Events, Sound Formats)
  • Scheduler (Event management based on hourly, daily, monthly, yearly calendars)
  • Smart Library (Animation, Video Image)
  • Multi-language (Any Unicode character)
  • Visual Basic Script
  • Recipe Editor