• Hybrid
      • The most advanced micro PLC integrates seamlessly with HMI featuring vivid and sharp display
        – 100X100mm standard VESA Wall Mount Hole is equipped on the back for easy attachment to a VESA mounting arm.
      • Expandable with PLC-S Modules
        – Existing PLC-S expansion modules work with XPANEL Hybrid. (Maximum 2 PLC-S expansion modules)
      • Genuine PLC Integrated
        – PLC is integrated with HMI to support the full function of PLC-S and XPANEL.
      • Detachable PLC Wire Terminals
        – Every connection terminal is detachable for convenient installation and maintenance.
        – The built-in USB hub provides simultaneous connection with XPANEL Designer and CICON Software.
      • Reliable
        – The reliability required in the PLC is equally applied to XPANEL Hybrid.
        -Reliable vibration resistance, temperature resistance, surge resistance, etc.

      See Certifications

  • HMI Part (Xpanel)
    • ModelHP07CD-AER

      HMI Part (Xpanel)
      LCD 7 inch wide
      LCD Type TFT Color
      Colors 65K Colors
      Resolution WVGA 800X480
      Backlight LED
      Luminance 400 cd/m2
      Touch Panel 4 wire resistive
      Memory 128M Byte DDR2
      Storage 128M Byte SLC NAND FLASH
      SD Card 1 SD slot None 1 SD slot None
      COM1(HMI) RS-232C/422/485
      COM2(HMI) RS-232(Internal)
      COM1(PLC) RS232 RS485
      COM2(PLC) RS232(Internal)
      Ethernet 10/100 BaseT None 10/100 BaseT None
      USB Host 1 port
      Tool Port 1 USB device
      Audio 1 port None 1 port None
      Rated Voltage -A:AC100-240V / -D:DC24V
      Power Consumption 8W
      OS Windows CE 6.0
      Dimension(mm) 185 X 127 X 80.5
      Panel Cut(mm) 177 X 119
  • PLC Part (PLC-S)
    • ItemSpecificationRemark

      PLC Part (PLC-S)
      Power DC 12 – 24V
      Program control method Cyclic Execution, Time Driven Interrupt
      I/O control method Indirect method, Directed by program instruction
      Program language LD(Ladder Diagram), IL(Instruction List), SFC(Sequential Function Chart)
      Data processing method 32 Bit
      Instructions Sequence 55 Instruction
      Application 389 Instruction
      Processing speed (Sequence) 300 ns/Step
      Program capacity 10K Step
      Maximum I/O points 96pts / Option module + 2 PLC-S modules
      Operation mode Remote Run, Remote Stop
      Back-up method K address by (Latch) parameter
      Total program 128
      Total program (Max.128) Scan Scan, Subroutine, Cold/Hot Start initialization, Periodic Interrupts
      Periodic Interrupts Maximum 15 scan program (Minimum period :10ms)
      Special PID , HSC, IO Input Filter, Special Card init
      Communication User Protocol(Serial) Comm. Program, MODBUS/RTU Master
      Etc. SFC, FBD (Function Block Diagram)
      Self-diagnosis function Detect delay of scan time, memory, I/O, Power Supply
      Restart Cold, Hot Restart
      Maximum expansion 1 CPU module + maximum 3 expansion modules
      Data memory X 1024 pts (X0000 – X063F) Bit
      Y 1024 pts (Y0000 – Y063F) Bit
      M 8192 pts (M0000 – M511F) Bit
      L 4096 pts (L0000 – L255F) Bit
      K 4096 pts (K0000 – K255F) Bit
      F 2048 pts (F0000 – F127F) Bit
      T 512 pts (T0000 – T0511) Word
      C 512 pts (C0000 – C0511) Word
      S 100 states x 100 set (00.00 – 99.99)
      D 10000 words (D0000 – D9999) Word
      Z 1024 words (Call Stack : Z0000 – Z0063, Z1000 – Z1063) Word
      R 16 points (Index)
      High Speed Counter 16Kpps (In case of 2Ph. 2Multi. Max 4Kpps)/ 1Phase pulse Input + Direction signal
      PID 32 Channels, Auto-Tuning
      RTC Battery (CR2032 Backup)
      Comm. Channel Standard : USB Loader, Serial 1(RS232C)/Optional : Serial 1Ch(RS485 or RS232)
      Etc. Real number operation, Online edit
  • Hybrid Xpanel Product Line-Up
    • Hybrid Xpanel Product Line-Up
      No. Model Specification
      1 CM-HP07CD-DNR HP07 + NO LAN + PLC(CPU, RS232C), DC Type
      2 CM-HP07CD-ANR HP07 + NO LAN + PLC(CPU, RS232C), AC Type
      3 CM-HP07CD-DNS HP07 + NO LAN + PLC(CPU, RS485), DC Type
      4 CM-HP07CD-ANS HP07 + NO LAN + PLC(CPU, RS485), AC Type
      5 CM-HP07CD-DER HP07 + LAN + PLC(CPU, RS232C), DC Type
      6 CM-HP07CD-AER HP07 + LAN + PLC(CPU, RS232C), AC Type
      7 CM-HP07CD-DES HP07 + LAN + PLC(CPU, RS485), DC Type
      8 CM-HP07CD-AES HP07 + LAN + PLC(CPU, RS485), AC Type


      No. Model Type Specification
      1 CM-HP-DM DUMMY Expansion dummy for Hybrid XPANEL
      2 CM-HP-EAA AIO-4 Analog module (AI 2ch, AO 2ch) for Hybrid XPANEL
      3 CM-HP-EDR DI8/DO8 DI 8 pts, DC24V / DO 8 pts Relay for Hybrid XPANEL
  • OPTION module
    • Digital I/O

      Digital I/O
      No. Model Type Specification
      1 CM3-SP32EDO DI-32 DI 32 pts, DC 24V
      2 CM3-SP32EOT DO-32 DO 32 pts. DC 24V TR (Sink)
      3 CM3-SP32EOC DO-32 DO 32 pts. DC 24V TR (Source)
      4 CM3-SP16EOR DO-16 DO 16 pts, Relay Output
      5 CM3-SP32EDT DI-16 / DO-16 DI 16 pts, DO 16 pts, TR (Sink)

      Analog I/O & Temp. Measuring

      Analog I/O & Temp. Measuring
      No. Model Type Specification
      1 CM3-SP04EAO AI-4 AI 4CH Current/Voltage
      2 CM3-SP04EAA AIO-4 AI 2CH / AO 2CH Current Voltage
      3 CM3-SP04EOAI AO-4 AI 4CH RTD
      4 CM3-SP04EOAI AI 4CH TC
      5 CM3-SP04EOAI AI 4CH TC & RTD MUX
      6 CM3-SP04EOAI AO-4 AO 4CH Current Output
      7 CM3-SP04EOAV AO 4CH Voltage Output


      No. Model Type Specification
      1 CM3-SP02ERS Comm. RS232C 1CH, RS422/485 1CH, MODBUS RTU Master
      2 CM3-SP02ERR RS232C 2CH. MODBUS RTU Master
      3 CM3-SP01EET 10/100Mbps, UDP/TCP, TCP MODBUS Master


      No. Model Type Specification
      1 CM0-TB32M SP32MDT Multi-Terminal Block
      2 CM0-SCB15M SP32MDT DI16/DO16 Connection Cable (1.5m)
      3 CM0-SCB15E SP32EDO, SP32EOT I/O 32 Connection Cable (1.5m)

      ✽Please refer to PLC catalog for detailed information.