• Digital I/O
      • External terminal block for easy installation and maintenance
      • Insulated photo-coupler and relays block interference

        ※ For stable operation, do not exceed 64 points for relay output

      See Certifications

  • Specification
    • Specification
      Item DC Input Relay Output TR Output
      Rated I/O Voltage DC 24V AC 220V / DC 24V DC 12V/24V
      Rated I/O Current DC 24V AC 220V / DC 24V DC 12V/24V
      On voltage/current DC 19V / 3mA
      Off voltage/currnet DC 6V / 1mA
      Response time 3ms or less 10ms or less 1ms or less
      Operation indicator ON : LED ON ON : LED ON ON : LED ON
      Insulation method Photo coupler Relay Photo Coupler
      Input method Relay Sink/Source
      Circuit diagram