• Communication
      • Follows IEE802.3 standard.
      • Supports ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP protocols.
      • Unlimited cards are supported on one PLC Base.
      • Supports DHCP by using with CIMON-SCADA(CM1-EC10C).
      • Provides a Modbus/TCP Master feature, allowing for an excellent connection to other brand devices.
      • Support PLC Link for high speed communication between CIMON PLCs, and communication with Max.64 station.
      • For PLC Link, Max.4 Ethernet modules can be used on one PLC base
      • High-speed linkage to simultaneously communicate along CIMON PLC’s and up to 64 other stations using DNP 3.0 protocol (CM1-EC01DNP, CM1-EC04DNP)

      See Certifications

  • Ethernet
    • Module Specification
      Model CM1-EC10A CM1-EC10B CM1-EC10C CM1-EC01DNP/EC04DNP
      Interface 10BASE-T
      100BASE-FX 10BASE-T
      Data Transmit Speed 10/100Mbps 100Mbps 10/100Mbps 100Mbps
      Max.Distance(Node) 100m 2km 100m 100m
      Service Capacity UDP 16 Services
      TCP 16 Services
      UDP 16 Services
      TCP 16 Services
      UDP 16 Services
      TCP 16 Services
      EC01DNP : Single Host
      EC04DNP : 4 Hosts
      specs UTP/STP
      Auto MDIX
      SC, Multi-Mode
      Auto MDIX
      SERVICE Loader Yes (UDP)
      HMI Protocol Yes (TCP,UDP) No
      MODBUS/TCP Sl. Yes
      MODBUS/TCP Ms. Yes Yes No
      PLC Link (specs) No No No
      PLC Link (public) Yes Yes No
      High Speed PLC Link Yes Yes No
      DHCP No No Yes
      DNP3.0 No No No Yes
      Cable – Twisted Pair (UTP)
      Cable – Twisted Pair (UTP)
      Item Unit Value
      Conductor Resistance(Max) Ω / km 93.5
      Insulation Resistance(Min) MΩ · km 2500
      Withstanding Voltage V / min AC500
      Impedance Ω(1~100MHz) 100±15
      Attenuation dB / 100m or Less 10 6.5
      16 8.2
      20 9.3
      Near-end Crosstalk Attenuation dB / 100m or Less 10 47
      16 44
      20 42

      ※ Please consult with professionals when selecting a cable for Ethernet Communication.

  • Serial
      • Independent operation by channel with 3rd party protocol RS-232C and RS422/485 channels.
      • Read and write data through HMI protocol.
      • Supports HMI protocol for Multi drop. (Max. 32units communication available)(RS422/485)
      • CDMA modem is built in some of serial modules to control far away PLC. (RS232C)
      • Supports wide range of communication speed (300bps~38400bps).
      • RS232C/RS422/485 Comm. port can be used as independent channel or linked channel.
      • Supports 1:1 / 1:N / N:M in case of RS422/485.
      • Supports Full-Duplex(RS422) and Half-Duplex (RS485).
      • Supports MODBUS/RTU Master function.
      • RS422/485 channels are photo coupler insulation to prevent noise.
      Model CM1-SC01A CM1-SC01B CM1-SC02A CM1-SC02C CM1-SC01DNP
      Interface Ch1: RS232C N/A Ch1: RS232C Ch1: RS232C Ch1: RS232C
      Comm. Method N/A Ch2: RS422/485 Ch2: RS422/485 Ch2: RS232C N/A
      Comm. Mode HMI mode CIMON protocol (1:n) N/A
      Loader mode CICON Communication N/A
      MODBUS MODBUS RTU Mode (Slave, Master) N/A
      PLC Link Communication between CIMON PLCs N/A
      DNP Communication between CIMON PLCs N/A
      User defined mode Protocol program N/A
      Data type Data bit 7 or 8Bit DNP 3.0
      Stop bit 1 or 2Bit N/A
      Parity Even / Odd / None
      Synchronization Asynchronous
      Insulation 300 / 600 / 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 / 19200 / 38400 / 76800
      Modem Distant communication by external modem

      *CM3 PLCS does not support PLC Link.

  • CIMON-Net
    • About CIMON-NET

      • Exchange data in real time with CN01M module through the reliable CANbus Protocol.


      • Install up to a maximum of 64 devices.
      • Max. of 1400 Byte can be set for each input and output data.
      • Max. of 16 comm. block can be registered.
      • Supports various communication speeds (10K/20K/50K/80K/100K/125K/250K/500K/1000Kbps).
      • Built-in LED for diagnostic functions (Power, Module, Line condition)
      • Simple communication programming.
      • Supports monitoring network status by scanning the program.
      • Communication start/stop can be controlled in the scan program.
      CIMON-Net Performance specification
      Model/Item CM1-CN01M(Master) CM1-CN01S(Slave)
      Network type CIMON-NET
      Interface CANbus
      Standard ISO11898
      Comm method Bus
      Media access POLL
      Transmission distance & speed BUS length(m) Cross section(mm2) Bit rate(kbps/s)
      0~40 0.25~0.34 1000kbps / 40m
      40~300 0.34~0.6 500kbps / 200m
      300~600 0.5~0.6 100kbps / 500m
      600~1000 0.75~0.8 10kbps / 1km
      Max. number of slave per segment 63 stations
      Max. I/O data 2800Byte 512 Byte
      Parameter setting CICON (graphic loader program for CIMON)
  • Profibus
    • Features

      • Communicates between master automation device and the slave I/O device.
      • Flexible communication speed (9.6Kbps~12Mbps)
      • RS485 interface.
      • Twisted pair cable allows for easy installation.
      • Maximum 127 slave stations available (32 stations per segment).
      • Network setup via Sycon-PB configuration tool.
      • 1 Kbyte transferred in 2ms.
      • Data transferred with an order or without an order.
      • Single or multi-master network function.
      Name CM1-PD01A
      Interface RS-485
      Network Profibus DP(Master)
      Media Access Token Passing & Polling
      Cable Two wire shielded twisted pair cable
      Max. number of slave/network 127 stations
      Max. number of slave/segment 32 stations
      Max. I/O data slave 244Byte
      Max. I/O data 3,584Byte for each I/O
      Configuration Tool Sycon-PB
      Configuration Port RS-232C
      Comm. Parameter setting High speed parameter communication setting
      Transmission 9.6K(bps) 19.2K 93.75K 187.5K 500K 1,500K 12,000K
      Distance 1200m 1200m 1200m 1000m 400m 200m 100m
  • BACnet
      • BACnet stands for Building Automation and Control Network.
      • BACnet supports building utilities such as HVAC, lighting, security and elevator control systems.


      • Easy to modify and expand using a standard protocol.
      • Supports BACnet class 3 servers.
      • Uses Ethernet for communication physical layer (BACnet IP).
      Item CM1-BN01A
      Protocol size ANSI / ASHRAE 135-1995 (KS X 6909)
      Protocol stack UDP / IP
      Physical layer standard ISO / IEC8802-3 (IEEE 802.3, CSMA / CD, 10Base-T)
      Transmission speed 10Mbps
      Transmission method Base Band
      Max. length of segment 100m
      Max. I/O data slave 244Byte
      Supprot service Loader, BACnet/IP, PLC Link(public Net)