• Communication
      • Ethernet modules are covered by IEEE802.3 standard and supports ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP protocols.
      • There is No limitation number of Ethernet module installation in one base but the maximum number of expansion modules in one base is 11 modules.
      • It operates with CIMON-SCADA to support Dynamic IP(DHCP).
      • It supports MODBUS/TCP Master function.
      • It supports High-speed link to communicate along Cimon PLCs and 64 simultaneous communications.
      • In case of High Speed PLC link, maximum 4 Ethernet modules can be installed.

      See Certifications

  • Ethernet module
    • Module specification
      Module specification
      Item CM3-SP01EET
      Media interface 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
      Transmission speed 10/100Mbps
      Max. length of segment 100m
      Service capacity UDP, TCP : 12 Service
      Service Loader Yes (UDP)
      HMI Protocol Yes (TCP, UDP)
      MODBUS/TCP SI. Yes
      MODBUS/TCP Ms. Yes
      PLC Link(Exclusive) No
      PLC Link(Common) No
      High-speed PLC Link Yes
      DHCP Yes
      Cable Specification-(UTP)
      Cable Specification-(UTP)
      Item Unit Value
      Conductor resistance (Maximum) Ω / km 93.5
      Insulation resistance (Minimum) MΩ / km 2500
      Withstand voltage V / min AC 500
      Impedance Ω (1 ~ 100MHz) 100±15
      Attenuation Ω (1 ~ 100MHz) 10 6.5
      16 8.2
      20 9.3
      Attenuation Ω (1 ~ 100MHz) 10 47
      16 44
      20 42

      ※The cable type should be selected according to system configuration and circumstance.
      Therefore, please install it after consulting with the experts.

  • Serial module
      • Independent operation by channel with 3rd party protocol RS-232C and RS422/485 channels.
      • Read and write data through HMI protocol.
      • Supports HMI protocol for Multi drop (Max. 32units communication available)(RS422/485)
      • CDMA modem is built in some of serial modules to control far away PLC.(RS232C)
      • Supports wide range of communication speed (300bps~38400bps)
      • RS232C/RS422/485 Comm. port can be used as independent channel or linked channel.
      • Supports 1:1 / 1:N / N:M in case of RS422/485.
      • Supports Full-Duplex(RS422) and Half-Duplex(RS485).
      • Supports MODBUS/RTU Master function.
      • RS422/485 channels are photo coupler insulation to prevent noise.
      Module specification
      Module specification
      Interface RS232C:1CH
      RS232C: 2CH RS232C: 1CH RS232C:1CH
      RS232C: 2CH
      Communication method Null modem O O O O O
      Cable modem O O O O O
      CDMA modem O O O O O
      Operation mode Protocol
      Special program
      User defined protocol program
      HMI protocol CIMON-PLC HMI Protocol
      Modbus RTU Protocol
      Graphic Loader
      Loader Protocol
      Control PLC through CICON connection function
      ModBus Master
      Master protocl
      Communicate to Modbus RTU slave
      Data type Data bit 8 bit
      Stop bit 1 or 2 bit
      Parity Even / Odd / None
      Synchronous Asynchronous
      Transmission speed(bps) 300 / 600 / 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 / 19200 / 38400
      Insulation method RS232C: N/A
      RS422/485: Photo-coupler insulation