• Analog I/O
      • CM3-SP04EAO is 4CH voltage/current input A/D module.
        CM3-SP04EOAV is 4CH voltage (-10~10V, 0~10V) output D/A module.
        CM3-SP04EOAI is 4CH current (4~20mA) output D/A module.
        CM3-SP04EAA is 2CH voltage/current input, 2CH voltage/current output A/D D/A module.
      • DA conversion module converts digital value, 16bit binary data (data: 14bit) from PLC CPU, into analog signal (voltage or current output). It converts digital value 0~16000 (-8000~8000) / 0~64000(-32000~32000) to analog value 0~20mA, 4~20mA, -10~10V, 0~5V, 0V~10V, 1~5V.
      • AD conversion module converts input Max. and Min value into 0~16000(-8000~8000). If input value gets out of the range, it converts into -192~16191(8192~8191). If value gets out of this, -192~16191(-8192~8191) is fixed.
      • Through “Hold Clear” function, DA module can output offset value (4mA, -10V) when RUN mode changes to STOP mode or maintain output value being with RUN mode.
      • Channel that converting is prohibited will output the minimum value of each output mode. (0mA, 4mA, -10V, 0V, 1V)
      • Normal status: LED On, Error status: LED blinking by 0.5sec interval.

      See Certifications

  • Analog output specification
    • Analog output specification
      Item CM3-SP04EAA CM3-SP04EOAV CM3-SP04EOAI
      Analog output point 2point 4point 4point
      Analog output range Voltage: 0V~+5V, 1V~+5V,
      0V~+10V, -10V~+10V
      Current: 0~20mA, 4~20mA
      0V~+10V, -10V~+10V
      (Switch mode)
      Output setting method Software setting
      0~5V, 1V~+5V,
      0V~+10V, -10V~+10V
      Current: 0~20mA, 4~20mA
      SW OFF: 0V~10V
      SW OFF시: -10V~10V
      CICON setting is the same
      Not possible
      Digital input 14 bit / 16bit 14bit
      Accuracy ±0.05%(Full Scale) ±0.1%(Full Scale)
      Conversion speed <2ms/4Ch
      Absolute Max. output Voltage : ±12V
      Current : : ±24mA
      Voltage : ±12V Current : ±24mA
      Points occupied 16points
      External power supply DC 24V (18~ 36V)
      I/O terminal 12points terminal 8points terminal
      Consumption current (mA) Normal Inner
      45mA 40mA 40mA
      50mA 50mA 50mA