Power Monitoring and Control System

Power Monitoring and Control System


For most companies, electricity costs account for a large percentage of operating costs and electricity consumption increases due to an unpredictable climate. CIMON’s power monitoring control system can manage energy use economically. Through real-time monitoring and remote control, energy use and waste is minimized.

The device can be set to automatically enter standby mode or shut down after periods of inactivity.

Set usage ranges for important items, and limit usage of lower priority items by using prediction control.

Smart Management for Building Energy

Our power management device works alongside with our network to monitor electricity usage in real time from remote places or in office.


Trackable metrics for specific devices or consumption of a specific building can be accessed through a database of weekly or monthly logs.

Industrial devices are highly dependent on electric power, therefore, a central control system is required. 24-hour monitoring and control are possible remotely and provides information to determine performance.