UltimateAccess SCADA

CIMON SCADA is designed with an open structure to satisfy various user characteristics and easy-to-build interfaces with your software system.
Compatibility in communication with a variety of industrial devices helps construct an optimum network, enabling a stable and integrated network.

Diverse Web functionality for networks and remote control. SCADA features mobile-enabled ODBC and is programmed with SQL to easily connect to any database. Its integrated graphics, Visual Basic Script, and a variety of other functions prove SCADA’s value.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a critical software system for manufacturing operations. SCADA’s role in automation is to interact with the different parts of a product line, ensure they are collaborating with one another for the intended result, and collect and process data as it happens. SCADA software will also keep a data log for reference and process improvements.

These systems use remote terminal units (RTUs) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to communicate with sensors, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), end devices, and other factory machines. These parts will send information to the SCADA system, which will process and display the data for analysis.

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