PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Take control of operations by allowing machines to communicate with each other. This communication is critical when it comes to the monitoring and execution of various industrial tasks. Multiple PLC modules of different types can be joined and linked together for a higher level of efficiency, performance, and reliability.

  • Module type PLC : XP Series
    • 32Bit CPU. High-speed operation, Floating point operation, Large memory, Redundancy system support for large-scale system
  • Module type PLC : CP Series
    • 16 Bit CPU, Compact size, Reasonable price for a medium scale system
  • All-in-One Compact PLC : PLC-S Series
    • Compact size, High performance, Special command (PID control, High-speed counter) for a medium and small-scale system
  • Micro-S : Brick PLC
    • 16Kpps High-Speed Counter (2 Channel) Built-in
      10K Step Memory, 100kpps 2-axis Pulse Output built-in. (Positioning)