• Durable Reinforced Aluminum Die casting (10, 12, 15 inch)
    Improved heat and shock resistant case, protects vital electrical components.
  • High Quality LED Display
    Low-power, low-heat, full-brightness and vivid color display.
  • Variety of interfaces including
    Ethernet, Serial (RS232/485), USB Host/Tool, and SD card slot options.
  • Convenient and Powerful Designing Tool
    XPANEL Designer has powerful features, including an unlimited tag database, communication drivers, an expansive graphics library objects and a user-friendly interface making for easy development and integration.
  • Real-time Data Logging
    Data can be saved to its internal memory, SD Card, or USB Memory.
  • Page Resizing
    Project can be transferred to other XPANEL models resized.
  • Auto Page Resize
    Projects can be transferred on all XPANEL displays.
  • Easy-to-use Script Editor
    The scripting functions are both easy to use and very powerful and
    compete with other industry-leading SCADA systems.
  • Project Security
    Projects can be password protected with XPANELDesigner to deter
    unauthorized users from making changes or downloading the program.
  • Real-time Data Logging
    Reports can be saved as CSV files onto the internal memory;
    SD card or USB drive and can be viewed in Microsoft Excel.