The installed program disappears after Touch restarts

SCADA Touch/PPC is based on Windows XP Embedded, and Hard drive is protected by EWF(Enhanced Write Filter). EWF provides a means for protecting a volume from writes. This allows the operating system to boot from read-only media, write-protected disks.

There are two options to install the desired program into Touch/PPC.

1. Apply “Commit” feature at EWF. This keep the EWF feature enabled, but install the selected program.

After installing a program, go to [Start] [EWFman].
Click “Commit” button to keep the installed program.

2. Disable the EWF feature.

Go to [Start] [EWFman]. Click “Disable” button to turn off the EWF feature.

If EWF feature is disabled, this can decrease the device stability such as Disk Recovery. EWF “Commit” feature is recommended to use.