Project runs in demo mode after Dongle key is inserted

This issue could be caused by three reasons. 

System does not recognize Dongle key properly.   
Project is developed under the lower version of CIMON-D compared to the current CIMON-D.
3)  Due to Windows compatibility issue.

1. When system does not recognize Dongle key properly.

Check out that USB Dongle key is inserted into PC’s USB port securely.
(Go to the Device manage of Control Panel, and check a Dongle installation driver)

   At CIMON-D version 2.14 or less – “SafeNet Inc. Hardlock Key”
At CIMON-D version 3.00 or higher – “SafeNet Inc. Sentinel HL Key”

Reinstall the Dongle installation program (Driver).

  At CIMON-D version 2.14 or less – “Hardlock Device Driver”
(Setup file is “hldrv32” located under folder “hldinst”)

  At CIMON-D version 3.00 or higher – “Sentinel Runtime Setup”
(Setup file is “HASPUserSetup” located at folder “hldinst2”)

 ※ if above two methods do not resolve the issue, please contact CIMON distributor or administrator. 



2. The lower version of project is running at the higher version of CIMON-D or 

To convert the lower project version into higher version, Database must be saved with DS Dongle installed. 


1)  Install  DS Dongle into PC’s USB port. 

2)   Open the project at the higher version of CIMON-D. 

3)    Open the Tag Database.  

4)    Click “Save” or “Save All” menu.

3. CIMON-X runs in Demo mode due to Windows Compatibility issue.

 To set up compatibility, 
go to CIMON-SCADA installation folder. Search files “CimonD.exe” or “CimonX.exe”.

Click a file “CimonD.exe”, and mouse right click it.


Move to Compatibility tap, enable the “Runs this program as administrator” feature.
Apply the same process to file “CimonX.exe”. Restart a Cimon-D program.