Profibus DP Master (CM1-PD01A) Sycon Configuration

Q. How to configure Profibus DP Master (CM1-PD01A) module in SyCon software?  



A. How to use Profibus DP (CM1-PD01A) module is fully explained in the attached PDF manual. 

     But the following steps summarize the SyCon and CICON configuration. 



1. Configure Profibus DP Master module (CM1-PD01A) settings in Hilscher Sycon configuration tool.

    CM1-PD01A uses a component chipset from Hilscher company.

    A user must purchase a license and GSD file from Hilscher company.


2. When completing the configuration in Sycon, download the settings to CM1-PD01A.


3. Configure 'Fieldbus Communication Special Program' in CICON and communication block settings.


4. Download the 'Fieldbus Communication Special Program' to CM1-PD01A.


5. Enable Link for CM1-PD01A.


6. Switch the PLC CPU operation mode to RUN.


Refer to the attached PDF manual for the detailed instructions.