Print-out feature does not operate properly on CIMON-X.


Q. Print-out feature does not operate properly on CIMON-X. 



A. Print option must be initialized in the file”DesignEi.dat” of project folder.     




“DesignEi.dat” file includes an initial setting information about printer, page position and page size. When printer name in file “DesignEi.dat” does not match with printer name of PC, this can cause an error with printing-out of CIMON-X.   



1. Go to SCADA project folder, and open a file “DesignEi.dat” with Notepad. 



2. Delete the highlighted two lines of print option. 



3.  Run a project again, and execute the printing feature by using commands “HardCopy()” or “HardCopyEx” 






※ Please refer to the attachment for the detailed information.