Page opened by data change

Q: When specified data value of PLC is changed, designated page will be opened.  

   How can I do this? 


A: There are several ways to make page open and close. 

    Here is one of examples. 



Page open according to PLC value 

Xpanel Designer ? Make new project. 

[Tools]  [Database]  Make analog tag as below. 

         Example : ANA_00 (Virtual tag) 



Make pages. 

         Example : Page1 of 3 pages. 



Click [Tools]  [Alarms] and then click “Add” to register tag name, condition and alarm action. 

         Example: PAGE1 will be opened when ANA_00 = 0. 



There are total 3 pages (open page) registered. 


In order to check that designated page opens properly, run Simulator. 

Click [Tools]  [Run Simulator] 


When tag value of ANA_00 is “0”, Page 1 is opened. 



When tag value of ANA_00 is “2”, Page 3 is opened. 


Please downlaod below manual for more details.