Key License is NOT recognized in Windows 10 OS

Q. SCADA Keylock License for UltimateAccess 3.03 is NOT recognized in Windows 10 OS? 


* The four images demonstrate the status when SCADA Keylock License is NOT recognized:  



1) No LED light on the license. 





2) An error message when executing CimonD. 





3) Help -> About CimonD information.  





4) Control Panel -> Device Manager.   





A. SCADA Keylock License Driver needs to be installed properly.     


  • When Internet Connection is available      


1.        Execute Device Manager.      


2.        Other devices -> Right-click the [HASP HL 3.25].


3.    Select [Update Driver Software]. 


4.    Select [Search automatically for updated driver software]. 




5.        Confirm that SCADA Keylock License Driver is properly installed in Device Manager.





  • When there is NO internet connection   



1.        Download installation file (HASPUserSetup.exe) from the website in another PC with Internet and then transfer it.

         *File name: Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer (Version 7.41) is available from the website below.  


2.        After the installation of the version 7.41, confirm it in Device Manager.




*When the driver is properly installed, there should be red LED light on the license.