How to wire Redundancy Power Monitoring Module CM1-RPW?

Q. How to wire Redundancy Power Monitoring Module CM1-RPW? 



A. Refer to the wiring instructions below. 


[Redundancy Configuration] 


The Redundancy Power Monitoring Module (CM1-RPW) is the first module mounted on the front end of the above image.  

Using the contacts “A_OK, B_OK, A_NG, B_NG” on the CM1-RPW module allows you to check the power failure of the power module. 





[Wiring for CM1-RPW] 




Four Contacts of the Status Output (A_OK, B_OK, A_NG, B_NG) are wired to the DC Input Module (XD16A).  

These wired contacts on the DC Input Module monitor the status of each power module. 


Because A IN, B IN of the Service Power Coupler receives the 24V output from each power module (SPR#1 and SPR#2),  

the connecting part between 24V OUT and 24V IN is supported by redundancy even if one power module fails. 



The reason for the same 24V wiring between 24V IN and COM of the Input module is to receive the output signals from  

the four contacts of the Status Output.