How to setup parameter of special module automatically


A: Is there any function to setup parameter of Special module automatically after replacing it?  


B: If you already set up “Special Card Initial Program” in Special Program, you do not have to setup parameter again after replacing module. When you turn on power, the parameter is automatically set up into replaced module. 





Select ‘New Program’ and open ‘Special Card Init. Program’ 



Select the same base with your PLC base. 



If you want to setup module which is located at Slot number 3, click “Slot 3” and select the module type. 



Click “Detail Setting” or double click “Slot 3” to set up parameter. 



Select module type and set up detail parameter and then click “Save”. 



        When PLC power is ON or STOP mode turns to RUN mode, parameter is automatically saved in replaced module. 



Please click the below manual for more details.