How to run CIMON-X automatically at Startup

Q. How to run CIMON-X at PC start-up? 



A. Please refer to the instructions below. 

*This start-up function
can be applied on Windows 7, 8 and 10 respectively.




1. Run CIMON-X.

At CIMON-D, go to [File] a [Open Project] menu and select the project to open. 



2. After executing a project, close CIMON-X. 


3. Go to SCADA installation folder. 

Mouse right-click on file “Cimon.exe”, and create a shortcut.   


4. Copy this shortcut file, and paste it to [Start] [All Program][Startup].   



5. Restart the Windows, and CIMON-X is executed at Startup. 





※ Please refer to the attachment for the detailed information.