How to restore to Factory settings?

 How to restore to Factory Settings when there is a failure in storage or system? 



 CIMON Touch and PPC provide a recovery tool “AMI Rescue”. This allows CIMON Touch/PPC to factory default settings by wiping the hard drive. Please read the following cautions before running “AMI Rescue“.   





1)        Please back-up the important data before running “AMI Rescue”. This process erases all data, setting, and applications that were added to the device after purchase. 

 2)        This feature is very useful if you have an issue on Windows operation. However, problems caused by physical impact cannot be resolved by “AMI Rescue”. In this case, you must replace the device itself.  



[Step 1] 

Turn on CIMON Touch/PPC device (check out the Input Voltage). 


[Step 2] 

At Boot screen, press button “F10” as shown below.



[Step 3] 

Select “AMI Rescue”, and click “Launch Service”. 


[Step 4] 

Click “Restore OS”, and select “Yes”.



[Step 5] 

Click “OK” to finish the Rescue process. 



Please refer to the attachment for the detailed information.