How to remotely control and monitor Xpanel (VNC Server)?

Q. How
to remotely control and monitor Xpanel?



A. The VNC feature makes it possible to remotely control and
monitor Xpanel using an Ethernet Network. If a Public IP is assigned to Xpanel,
the User can monitor and control Xpanel using a Smart Phone or PC via Wi-Fi, 3G
and LTE.





1. VNC
Network Configuration


VNC feature requires connection to an
Ethernet Network. VNC allows only one
to have a remote connection to Xpanel at a time. This means that
only one PC or Smart Phone can access Xpanel (
1:1). If more than one
Smart Phone or PC is connected to Xpanel at the same time, only one of them
will be able to access Xpanel.



1) Run
VNC Server


VNC Server must be running in order to access Xpanel. There are two
of running VNC server.



A. Run
VNC Server on XpanelDesigner


[Online] -> [Setup Link]




[Ethernet], and click on [Select Xpanel]. Select the Xpanel IP address for





[Online] -> [Run Remote Control Server].






B. Run
the VNC Server on Xpanel


Xpanel Config




Xpanel Config window appears when you touch three corners of the screen in the
sequence shown above.





on the [Exit] button to bring up the Xpanel Desktop.


Ethernet Loader Config




on the [Config] button in the Ethernet Loader Configuration dialog box.




[Run VNC Server] to run the VNC server.


If [VNC activates as
Ethernet Loader starts] is selected, the VNC Server runs automatically when
Xpanel is turned on.




2) Run
VNC Viewer


[Online] -> [Run Remote Control Viewer]





the Xpanel IP address that the VNC Server is using.


Once connection is
established, Xpanel can be controlled and monitored from a PC.




Connection between Xpanel and PC]