How to make XPANEL vertical screen


Q: How to make XPANEL vertical screen.  

A: Set “RotateSet” in my device of XPANEL



1. In case of XPANEL 7”, open XpanelDesigner and select [File] → [New Project] and select “XT07C-R” type at the Project Configuration Wizard.

2. Click [Tools] → [Page Setup] and select “Page Position” then you can see the screen size as below. 

You just change width and height for other Xpanel screen size.

● (XT04 : 480 x 272 / XT07 : 800 x 480 / XT08, XT10, XT12 : 800 x 600 / XT15 : 1024 x 768) 


3. Download project to XPANEL.

 Top and bottom of project are unseen because XPANEL device is still horizontal screen setting. 

4. Touch each corner of screen in sequence as below 

5. Xpanel Config pops up and touch ‘EXIT’

6. Click [My Device] → [Xpanel] → [Bin] → [RotateSet]

7. Select “90” and restart XPANEL OS

Download manual.