How to make Screen Saver


Q: Does XPANEL support Screen Saver?  

A: XPANEL does not support Screen Saver but it can support LCD Backlight ON/OFF and you can make screen save page by scrip and alarm. 



Please download Sample project file “Xpanel Quick8” 


1. LCD Backlight OFF 


Xpanel supports LCD Backlight OFF function.  

Xpanel turns off the display if there is no touch in designed time. 

You can set amount of time at Xpanel Config before backlight off. 

If you touch the screen, LCD Backlight will be On. 



Touch each corner of screen in sequence as below. 


Touch “Misc. Config” to set up time. 



2. Make ‘Screen Saver page’ with Script 


Xpanel turns to ‘Screen Saver page’ in designed time and it goes back to previous page by touching “Log In password”.  

In order to change page to ‘Screen saver page’, use the script as below.


Make ‘Log In’ button as below. 



Log In ID   :  kdt 

PASSWORD :  1234 


Please download attached manual.