How to fix touch calibration in XPANEL

Q: How to fix touch calibration in XPANEL. 

A: If touch calibration is wrong, use script TouchCalib(); or click “Touch Calibrate” at the [XPANEL CONFIG]. 



1.        TouchCalib() SCRIPT 

Run XpanelDesigner and create new project. 

Make Touch button where click works on the XPANEL screen. 


Example) Make a Touch button like below picture if touch is working at the lower right corner only. 


1) Select rectangle in drawing tool. 

2) Draw rectangle at the lower right corner. 

3) Double click rectangle object. 


4) Select “Touch” 

5) Select “Command Expression’ at [Action] 

6) Write script TouchCalib();  


After downloading project to XPANEL and touch the button then Calibration pops up as below picture. 



2.        “Touch Calibrate” at the XPANEL CONFIG in XPANEL device 

1)        Touch each corner of screen in sequence as below. 


2)        Xpanel Config will pops up. Touch “Touch Calibrate” 

3)        Touch the target point to calibrate touch. 


4)        You must click “System Shutdown” after calibration. Without “System Shutdown” calibration may not be applied properly when you restart Xpanel. 


Click the below manual for more details.