How to downgrade SCADA version from V3.03 to V2.14

Q. How
to downgrade SCADA version from V3.03 to V2.14?



A. Downgrading the SCADA PGX files from V3.03 to V2.14 is
possible by using [PgxDowngrade.exe] program.




*Purpose: When a user with
UltimateAccess (CIMON SCADA) version 3.00 and above runs the SCADA project
containing the PGX files that were 

drawn in the V2.14, these PGX files are
automatically encoded as Unicode and can no longer be opened in the multi-byte
based version 2.14. 

However, using this PgxDowngrade program enables the user
to downgrade these PGX files back to V2.14 from V3.00-3.03.










[How to Use]



1. Download and move the [PgxDowngrade.exe] program to
the CIMON SCADA V2.14 installation folder as shown below. This program refers
to the DLL files of the version 2.14 as it operates.








2. Click and run this program.






Project Folder Location [V3.00-V3.03]        Specify the folder path
to import the V3.00-V3.03 PGX files to be converted.



Folder for saving the converted PGX files [V2.14]        Specify the folder path
to save the newly converted PGX files.



The List of converted PGX files        Display the list of
successfully converted PGX files.



Error List        Display the error list
of the PGX files that fail to be converted or the PGX files that whose objects
have been removed.



Progress Bar        Display how many PGX
pages have been converted in the form of progress bar



Open the folder containing the converted PGX         Automatically open the
folder containing the newly converted PGX files 

                                                                                             (this function is enabled by





Functional limitations




Some of the specific objects that are added
in the CIMON SCADA V3.00-3.03 will be removed when 
converted to V2.14.



  • Dynamic Image: Since the Dynamic image object is not available in V2.14, these objects
    will be removed when converted from V3.00-V3.03 to V2.14.




  • Real
    Time Graph: Though the Real Time Graph object already exists in the V2.14, the
    Fast Trend feature has been added to the Real Time Graph on V3.00-3.03 by
    default. Therefore, the Real Time Graph object will be removed when converted
    to V2.14 due to the Fast Trend feature, which is not supported in V2.14.