How to delete the recent file list in SCADA CimonD


How to delete the list of recently opened projects when you activate SCADA CimonD? 


    1.        The list of recently opened projects will appear when you first activate the program.

          If you want to delete this list, go to [Computer].










    2.     Click [Computer] → [Local Disk (C:)] → [CIMON] → [UltimateAccess] → [CIMON SCADA].







    3. Click the [CimonD(INI)] file.






    4.     You can see the list of the recently opened projects under the [Recent File List].  

            Delete the ones (that you do not want to keep) and save the file.  








     5. Now you can notice that the Recent File List has been deleted.   





    6.      For [CIMON V2.14]

             C Drive → WINDOWS → CIMOND(INI) → Recent File List → Delete the lists → Save it.