How to delete a page(file) of SCADA project?


:   How to delete the page of CIMON-D project? 



A  :  It is not allowed to delete a page at CIMON-D or X (SCADA version is 2.14 or lower). Here is a solution below.     


At SCADA version 3.0 or higher, page can be deleted at CIMON-D directly(by using mouse right click).    




1. Close CIMON-D and CIMON-X. 


2. Open the desired project with CIMON-D, and go to [Tools][Project]menu. 

Check out the location of target project at [Project]. 


3.  Go to the project folder of  SCADA installation path , and delete the target page file “main.PGX”.  (Page file extension is “.PGX”) 



※ Please refer to the attachment for the detailed information.