How to convert tags from virtual to real all at once


Q: You want to check project operations without PLCs.

Is there a way to convert tags in the database from real to virtual and vice versa at once?



A: Open the Database window and press Ctrl + H to use [Replace] function. 



 1. Click [Tools] → [Database] → Press [Ctrl + H] → [Replace] window appears. 





2. Enter 0 (or 1) for “Find What” and 1 (or 0) for “Replace With.” 

    Select [Real/Virtual] for “Find By Item” and click [Replace All]. 

     *0 means virtual tags while 1 means real tags.






3. This example shows converting all of virtual tags into real tags. 

     *Virtual tags are noted with [!Tag Name] as shown below. 





4. Notice that all the virtual tags have been converted to real tags.