How to connect PCL Printers for XPANEL by Ethernet

Q. How to connect a PCL Printer with XPANEL by Ethernet?  




A. Printers that support “Printer Command Language” (PCL) can work with XPANEL by Ethernet.   

    Refer to the instructions below.  




* This FAQ manual illustrates how to connect XPANEL with a Printer (PCL-supported) via PC when the sharing printer is connected to a network.



[Sharing Printer settings on PC]


1.         Start Devices and Printers → Right-click the desired printer → Printer Properties → Sharing






[Share this printer]: Mark it.

[Share name]: Use a default name or enter a desired name. 




2.     Additional settings (Only if the sharing printer is not recognized on a PC)


      Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center → Advanced sharing settings 






3.         Control Panel → System and Security → System → Full computer name







4.         Control Panel → User Accounts

           Check your PC Account and Login password.

           This Login information is required when the Printer runs on XPANEL device. 






 [Printer settings on XPANEL device]


5.        XPANEL Configuration → Printer 




A.  Select the Printer type (i.e. PCL Inkjet/Laser).

B. Select the Connection port (i.e. COM port / IRDA / Network).

C.   Type in the “Full computer name” and “Share name” at Steps 1 and 3. 


(i.e. \FullComputerNameSharingPrinterName) 

 Full computer name and Share name do not distinguish capital and small letters. 




 [Activate the Printer]


6 .         Enter the Login information (PC User Account and its password) to activate the Printer.






 * If the PC Login connection is not properly made, the Printer will not work.


* If the PC Login Dialog does not appear, please ensure that XPNEL device has enough memory.

   XPANEL → My Device → Control Panel → System → Memory Tab

   Must increase the Storage Memory space in the above path.