How to configure OPC Server in UltimateAccess (CIMON SCADA)

Q. How
to configure CIMON-SCADA OPC Server for Windows 7 and 8?



A. CIMON-SCADA OPC Server function is available only with
WEB SERVER USB Dongle (Keylock).



are conditions that should be met in order to properly configure and use OPC
Server in SCADA:


  • USB Dongle (Keylock) should be CM04-SCADA
    1-E or above
    as shown in the below image.
  • In this example, UltimateAccess V3.03 is used for the
    FAQ manual.

[UltimateAccess (CIMON-SCADA) OPC Server Configurations]

to Computer
Local Disk (C:) → CIMON → UltimateAccess → CIMON SCADA
And change the file name from “CmHOpcsvr.exe” to “CmHOpcsvr_B.exe.”

2.   Download and unzip “OPC Server Components” folder in the attached below.

3.  Copy and paste the “CmHOpcSvr” file from the [OPC
Server Components] folder to the CIMON SCADA UltimateAccess installation
folder. (This file is different from the existing file in the UltimateAccess
installation folder).

and open the “AddOn.lst” file in the UltimateAccess installation folder.
the below information in red to the “AddOn.lst” file.

5.   Or you can just copy and paste “,OpcRun, orn,
OpcRun.dll,,” from AddOn.lst file from the OPC Server Components folder to the
AddOn.lst file in the UltimateAccess folder.

6.   Copy and paste the three files (opccfg.dat,
OpcRun.dll, OpcTag.ini) from the OPC Server Components folder to the
UltimateAccess installation folder.

7.   The three files are now located in the UltimateAccess
installation folder.

* The rest of the procedures for setting up Windows DCOM and Firewall are fully described in the PDF manual attached below.

   Please download the PDF manual. Also you can contact CIMON HQ office for an instruction video of OPC Server.