How to configure Cimon View Server and Client in SCADA?

Q. How
to configure Cimon View Server and Client in SCADA?



A. Refer to the instructions below.


These are conditions that should be met in order to
properly configure and use Cimon View in SCADA:


  • SCADA Version and Cimon View Version should be


           For example, UltimateAccess V3.03 and Cimon View V3.03
are used for this FAQ.



  • USB Dongle (Keylock) should be CM04-SCADA 1-E or





[View Server Configurations]


1. Execute CimonD (V3.03) and open your project as
shown below.




2. Go to [Tools] and click [Security].





3. Click on [New User] and enter User ID and Password.





4. Click [OK] and note that your account has been
registered for security as shown below.

   Hit [OK] as you close this [Security






5. Go to [Tools] and click [Network].

   Select [Stand-Alone] in the Function and check the box
for [View/Control Server].






6. Click on [Local Setup] and enter your PC’s IP address
(This IP address will be the Server).





7. You can check your PC’s IP address by using





8. Save your project and run CimonX (V3.03).





[View Client


1. Execute Cimon View (V3.03) and click on [Local

    Enter Client PC’s IP Address.





2. Click on [Connect] and enter Main Server’s IP
address (, User ID and Password.





3. Hit [OK] and wait a few seconds to load your
project file.





4. View Client has successfully connected to the View
Main Server.