How to check a Dongle status?

There are two steps for this.

By an Dongle information on CMION-D or CIMON-X.
By the red LED light of Dongle. 

1. Check out the Dongle information on CIMON-D or CIMON-X.

After plugging Dongle key into PC’s USB port, open CIMON-D or CIMON-X.
2) Go to [Help] 
 [About CimonD] menu, and check out the Dongle information on the bottom left corner of window.

If Dongle is not installed correctly or operating improperly, key information is displayed 
as shown above.

If Dongle is operating properly, key information is displayed as shown above.

2. Check the light status of Dongle key.

When Dongle key operates properly, red LED light is turned on. If there is problem with Dongle operation, red LED
blinks or red light is not turned on at all.

※  Notice

1) Project modification is allowed by using a DS Dongle only (RS Dongle does not support project modification).

2) Tag number of RS Dongle must be equal or less than DS Dongle.