How to calibrate Loadcell module



Q: How to calibrate Loadcell module?

A : Compare resolution of Loadcell and Loadcell module.   



1. Compare resolution of Loadcell and Loadcell module. 

Use the resolution which is the worst. 

Please refer to Loadcell and module manual to find out Maximum weight(KG) and Output(mV/V). 


●   Resolution of Loadcell(g) = Maximum weight of item(Kg) x Tolerance(%) 

Example) 100kg x 0.1% = 100g 

In case of WG02C, its maximum output of Loadcell is 2mV/V. 

If output is more than 2mV/V, there may be tolerance. 


●   Resolution of WG02C(g) = Maximum weight of item(Kg) / 40,000 

Example) 100kg / 40,000 = 2.5g 


As resolution of WG02C(2.5g) is better than resolution of Loadcell(100g), use resolution of Loadcell. 


2. Run CICON and double click Loadcell module. 



3.Do not put any items on the lodacell.  

   Click “Calibration” and click “OK”.  







4. Put the item that you know the weight on the loadcell.

(its weight is recommended 20% of maximum weight)

If resolution is 100g and item’s weight is 100kg, write 1000 at “Weight”.


5.Calibration is completed. 



6.Even if PLC is turned off, calibration value is maintained.


      It is possible to read current weight by using “From”.


  Please download below manual.