How to add FTP server account (ID and Password) to Xpanel

Q. How to add FTP server account (ID and Password) to Xpanel? 




A. Install the attached “FTPServer_Account” file into Xpanel and download a FTP client program. 




*This application is only available for the following models: 

 XT04CD, XT07CD: OS Ver. 6.18 and above 

HP07CD Hybrid: OS Ver. 6.31 and above   

 XT10CD, XT12CD, XT15CD: OS Ver. 7.22 and above 




1.  Check your device OS information.

      [My Device] → [Xpanel] 




2. Click on [CommTestApp] → XpanelCheckApp Window pops up and displays the device OS version as shown below.






3. When your device OS is compatible, download the attached “FTPServer_Account” and put it in the [Xpanel] folder as shown below.  






4. Double click and activate the “FTPServer_Account” file. 






5. Type in your ID and Password and click on [Add]. Notice that the account is registered and listed in the [List of Account].





6. Download any free FTP client program. This example uses “FileZilla Client.” After the installation, activate the FTP client program and type in your Xpanel’s IP address, ID and Password. Notice that you can monitor and control system files and folders in the Xpanel device via this program.