How and when to use XPANEL Repair Mode?

Q. How
and when to use XPANEL Repair Mode?



A. XPANEL Repair Mode is used when the XPANEL device does
not execute a project file even after the project download.



any of the XPANEL application program files is damaged or missing, it will NOT
execute a project file and run the XPANEL device. 

  These XPANEL application
program files have to be installed in the “XpanelBin” folder inside the device
as shown below.






XPANEL Repair Mode is used to restore
these XPANEL application program files when they are damaged or missing.



1. Go to [Online] and click [Repair Mode]. 

Mode] includes the function of [Upgrade XPANEL Application Program] and
restores the application program files.






2. Click [Yes].






3. Click [OK]. And you MUST download an XpanelDesigner
project in order to restore the XPANEL Application Program files.






4. Even if you try to run Xpanel device, this message
appears and tells you to download a project.






5. Go to [Online] and click [Download to XPANEL (PC






6. Click [Yes].






7. Click [OK].






8. Click [Yes]. The message says “Current version: No
Version Information (XPANEL)” because the XPANEL device is in Repair Mode.





9. The
XPANEL Application Program files are being restored and reinstalled as shown

    This process is exactly the same as the function
[Upgrade XPANEL Application Program] as shown in the step [1].






10. Click [Yes] when downloading to XPANEL is






11. Now you can see on your XPANEL device that an XpanelDesigner
project is running because the [Repair Mode] has restored and upgraded the [XPANEL
Application Program] files.