Dongle(Keylock) error message appear while using Touch/PPC

Q  :  During the use of CIMON Touch, Dongle(Keylock) related message appear.


A  :  CIMON Touch has a built-in Dongle(Keylock). Here is a solution below.  



When Dongle related message appear such as “Dongle(Keylock) is not installed or detected”,

this could be caused by the installation of CIMON SCADA for PC version.

In this case, uninstall the CIMON SCADA at Control Panel. Go to CIMON hompage .

Log in to CIMON account, then go to [Download]→ [Software]. Search a keyword “Touch”.

Install the latest version of CIMON SCADA or CIMON-D for Touch device.  



※ Refer to an attachment for the detailed information.