Animation Editor in XpanelDesigner

Q. How
to use Animation Editor in XpanelDesigner?



A. Refer to the instructions below.




1. Execute
XpanelDesigner V2.40
[Tools] → [Animation Editor]






2. Click
[Add Frame] to import PNG or JPEG images.







3. Click
[Simulation] to see how the added frames will be displayed on XPANEL device.








4. By
entering different values in [
you can control how fast the images change.








5. Click [Save] and enter a group name and file name. Click [OK] to convert these frames into an animation
bitmap file.








6. Go to [Edit]
[Insert Animation Bitmap].







7. Select [Logo]
[CIMON Logo] that you have just added in Animation Editor.








8. The newly added animation bitmap is displayed on a
project page as shown below.







9. Right click on the object and select ‘Object







10. Select the digital tag [D1] that was already
registered in the database with the initial value of ‘ON (1).’







11. Go to [Tools]
[XPANEL Configuration] and set ‘Page 1.PGX’ as the Starting Page.







12. Go to [Tools]
[Run Simulator] and see how the newly added animation object will be displayed
on XPANEL device in the Simulator mode.