CIMON Smart Factory Solution – BUTECH 2017

CIMON Smart Factory Solution

Future of smart manufacturing technology, BUTECH 2017 Opening

BUTECH 2017, to look for future of smart manufacturing technology that combines ICT and machine technology, is opened at BEXCO on May 24, 2017.
520 companies, including CIMON, from 25 countries has participated.
In this exhibition, CIMON introduced new solution and functions of SCADA V4.0 for CIMON Smart Factory Solution which is an integration of production process with ICT technology to produce with minimum cost and time.

CIMON Smart Factory Solution can resolve the problems caused by outdated factory facilities. CIMON Smart Factory helps to reduce product defect rate, and to improve productivity which strengthens company competitiveness.
CIMON-SCADA provides various solution to build smart factory and data collected by CIMON-SCADA with about 500 communication drivers are analyzed by various functions and it helps user to make decisions.

CIMON Smart Factory Solution – Industrial Automation

CIMON SMART FACTORY SOLUTION, CIMON SCADA Conventional manufacturing factories have various problems. Due to outdated facilities, operators cannot quickly fi…



It becomes easier to create a database in ODBC or OLE with those collected data. and the user can use the HTML 5 platform provided by CIMON-SCADA to monitor and analyze the manufacturing site anytime and anywhere using mobile devices.
CIMON has developed CIMON Historian DB as first Korean instance for high-speed data collection, analysis, and transfer. CIMON Data Logger Module is to prevent data loss and also CIMON XPANEL is upgraded.

Around 1500 visitors from around the world came to BUTECH and CIMON offers smart factory solutions and its cases. CIMON’s strong network is flexible in any industrial sites. And we will keep doing our best to fulfill our customer’s satisfaction.