Pharmaceutical Application for Medical-Grade Pharmaceutical Production with CIP Station

Automated medical production line with production up to 700 million units per year with more than 25,000 m2 of production space and a solution to accommodate a clean-in-place (CIP) station, which allows the tanks, motors, and valves to be cleaned automatically to remove the need for manual disassembly and external washing equipment.

Automated Medical Application for Pharmaceutical Production with Clean-in-Place (CIP) Station.

The End Users:

A+M (Autocontrol y Maquinaria) is an industrial solutions provider based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Since 2006, they have operated throughout Central America and Mexico, with an emphasis on advancing the region’s pharmaceutical and food industries.

In 2021, A+M began work on a project with Lamfer Group, a pharmaceutical corporation also located in Guatemala. Lamfer Group has been manufacturing a wide range of medicinal products for over 25 years. They produce up to 700 million units per year with a construction space of more than 25,000 m2.

The Challenge:

The goal was to design an automated solution for Lamfer’s serum line, specifically for a tank-based storage and transfer system. The serum was to be pumped from the preparation area into a storage tank, then later to the main production area. The solution also needed to accommodate a clean-in-place (CIP) station, which would allow the tanks, motors, and valves to be cleaned automatically. This removed the need for manual disassembly and external washing equipment.

Lamfer wanted a simpler way to activate and keep track of their tank processes, as well as programmatic control for the motors, sensors, and other components. To accomplish this, A+M adopted CIMON human-machine interfaces (HMIs) to provide a user interface and CIMON programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to handle the operational logic.

Our Solution:

Two main setups were developed: one for the production area and one for the CIP system. Each station utilizes one Xpanel HMI and one PLC-S CPU. An Ethernet network is used for the PLC-HMI communication. Digital, analog, and resistance-based PLC-S modules are also included to connect with the machines and sensors.

Resistance temperature detector (RTD) modules and the PLC-S’s built-in proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control help to maintain suitable temperatures. A careful combination of heat, timing, turbulence, and chemical solutions is used to perform the CIP operations on an automated schedule. The PLCs manage the filling and draining of the tanks by analyzing data from sensors, then outputting signals to the corresponding mechanisms. This data is also shared with the HMIs for viewing and logging.

The HMI touch screens let users oversee, trigger, and reschedule these processes in real time. Dedicated pages for the tank status, CIP parameters, diagnostic tools, and other information allow operators to monitor the serum with precision and ease. The production and CIP areas are also better able to communicate with each other—thanks to the network connection, data from one location can be viewed on an HMI in a different part of the facility.

The Outcome:

By automating their storage and cleaning workflow, Lamfer Group can better ensure the quality of their serum line, with a lower chance for human error and oversight. Because of the reliability and efficiency of the PLC logic, there is a reduction in operating costs and downtime. Using the on-site HMIs, operators can immediately see when errors occur and take appropriate action. Altogether, the introduction of CIMON products will add value to Lamfer Group’s laboratory for years to come.

Automated Monitoring and Control for Water Purification and Storage System

WBUD operates 32 pump and tank stations spanning multiple counties.
All sites required automation, with access to comprehensive device management—both locally and remotely—across an expansive area.

Automated Water Purification and Storage System

CIMON Automation Provides Accessible Monitoring and Control for Water Purification and Storage System

The Challenge:

WBUD operates 32 pump and tank stations spanning multiple counties. All sites required automation, with access to comprehensive device management—both locally and remotely—across an expansive area.

Our Solution:

Each site received a programmable logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface (HMI) for automation and control. A radio network connects all sites to a central supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, providing long-distance operation and data monitoring.

The Result:

CIMON’s UltimateAccess SCADA program allows real-time and historical data from all sites to be accessed from any location. Schedules and programs can be updated remotely, removing the need for time-consuming and expensive on-site visits.

Project Summary:

With funding from the Tennessee Valley Authority, Watt Bar Utility District (WBUD) needed to streamline automation of its 32 tank and pump stations.  System integrator Quality Controls LLC decided to use PLC, HMI, and SCADA products from CIMON to automate these facilities.

At each location, a CIMON Xpanel HMI lets users manage on-site pumps and tanks. Different screens allow engineers to view status and alarms, as well as diagnose and test pumps during maintenance. A CIMON PLC takes in data from sensors and outputs electrical signals to the pumps. A program automatically switches between different modes of operation, allowing for schedule-based or level-based control. The PLC also acts as a bridge between devices by storing, receiving, and sending data. When a malfunction occurs, the PLC sends a warning signal to both the SCADA program and the local HMI.

Radio transmitters were integrated into the network to overcome the immense cost and communication difficulties of laying wire through mountainous terrain. Data values are sent to a central location, then processed by the UltimateAccess SCADA application. User requests are then sent back over the radio to the corresponding PLC, which performs the desired action.

The combined usage of PLC, HMI, and SCADA technologies from CIMON will allow WBUD to more effectively manage its pump and tank stations.

Smart Farm System Build

CIMON’s Smart Farm System technology can build the optimal environment for crops and livestock.

CIMON’s Smart Farm System technology can provide the optimal environment for crops and livestock.

“Smart Farm” is a combination of farming technologies utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) which can be integrated with greenhouses, cattle sheds, and orchards to control the condition of the facilities.

Measure and analyze temperature, humidity, sunshine and carbon dioxide of the crop cultivation facility. The controller runs based on feedback from the rest of our system.


Farm monitoring and configuration is accessible online and via mobile devices. Remote video monitoring of the facility is also available.

Try Smart Farm System with CIMON

Collect data and analyze temperature, moisture, light, and nutrition to yield higher quality crops.


Smart Factory Build

Smart Factory Build

Smart factories make mass customization possible. Various production lines connect and exchange data using IoT devices and RFID which allow for shifts in the production line dependent on customer needs.


Through Big Data, IoT, AI, and Robot Communication and numerical analysis, issues can be predicted by Big Data.

Start Your Smart Factory

Smart factories are being applied using IoT and automation systems daily to improve future industry competitiveness. Network technology is applied to production devices and IoT makes it possible to construct “Smart Factories” that create an accurate production simulation.

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System

Building heating, ventilation and cooling systems is an essential function which circulates air for fresh air flow and humidity control. Heating and cooling systems are also important due to the unpredictable weather forecasts. CIMON’s smart systems combined these two systems and make it possible to manage the systems efficiently.



High-efficiency system equates to a reduction in energy cost

Sensors check temperatures automatically and adjusts air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems.

CIMON is able to minimize energy management expenses using 24/7 monitoring in small and medium-size buildings by utilizing mobile and wireless networking.
Based on the data collected, CIMON detects the size of the space and number of users to calculate optimal system usage.

Smart sensors detect if the room is vacant and automatically shuts down air conditioning systems. For lecture rooms, active times are determined and the system automatically adjusts accordingly. Any building can be connected to the network allowing for large-scale monitoring and control.

Hospital Automatic Control System

Hospital Automatic Control System


Small issues can cause a huge disruption if an unexpected problem occurs in a hospital environment. Treatment for the patients is dependent on electricity, therefore, a stable and efficient total solution is needed. CIMON is built for hospitals. Creating a totally automated control system which as effective as it is stable.



Integrated Management is possible with Automatic Control Technology

Monitor anywhere in the hospital – Mobile Web
Control systems using your smartphone or any web-enabled device
Take prompt action by managing in real-time using our mobile platform


Integrated Automatic Control System

CIMON’s various powerful networks are designed to apply CIMON in any industrial site. CIMON provides stable and innovative integrated networks by using our state-of-the-art network technology.

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Power Monitoring and Control System

Power Monitoring and Control System


For most companies, electricity costs account for a large percentage of operating costs and electricity consumption increases due to an unpredictable climate. CIMON’s power monitoring control system can manage energy use economically. Through real-time monitoring and remote control, energy use and waste is minimized.

The device can be set to automatically enter standby mode or shut down after periods of inactivity.

Set usage ranges for important items, and limit usage of lower priority items by using prediction control.

Smart Management for Building Energy

Our power management device works alongside with our network to monitor electricity usage in real time from remote places or in office.


Trackable metrics for specific devices or consumption of a specific building can be accessed through a database of weekly or monthly logs.

Industrial devices are highly dependent on electric power, therefore, a central control system is required. 24-hour monitoring and control are possible remotely and provides information to determine performance.

Water Supply Facility Management System

Water Supply Facility Management System


Water is irreplaceable and is one of the valuable resources we have. Rapid urbanization and concentration of population create an unequal distribution of water resources. CIMON’s water resources management system provides an elegant solution.

Water Supply Facility Management and Real-time management for each section.
Remote site data communication using IoT, 24 hours of monitoring and accessible via mobile
Daily, weekly and monthly report saved to a database configured using SCADA


CIMON Customized Solution

CIMON’s water solution provides a customized solution for our clients to monitor and manage water intake, purification, and other dispersed facilities.