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[PLC] CIMON-CICON Software V7.02 (R190215)

CICON Version 7.02(R20190215) Release   1.     New feature a.      Maximum number of step is changed for new F/W of CM1-CP3E, XPnE, XPnF b.      Capacity of X, Y device is changed for new F/W of CM1-CP3E c.      Redundancy is supported in CM1-DC10A   2.     Comments for Users a.      Project file should be managed with one […]

[PLC] CIMON-CICON Software V7.01 (R181101)

CICON Version 7.01(R20181101) Release 1.     New features a.      New CPU models are added(XpnF/G/S/T, XPnU) & Discontinued models(XPnB, BP) are removed on CPU selection tab b.      PWM special program is added for PLC-S c.      Comments/description function per each loop is added on PID control special program. d.      Search function is added on Variable Table. e.      Update […]

XpanelDesigner for Hyundai Heavy Industries TP V3.00 R20180323

XpanelDesigner for Hyundai Heavy Industries TP V3.00 R20180323. Stabilized Xpanel runtime (shut down process improved). Fixed multi-language issue/error. This XpanelDesigner is for Hyundai Heavy Industries ONLY. Please be aware that it is NOT compatible with normal Xpanel. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us. We, CIMON, always think of our customers […]

CIMON Smart Factory Solution – BUTECH 2017

CIMON Smart Factory Solution Future of smart manufacturing technology, BUTECH 2017 Opening BUTECH 2017, to look for future of smart manufacturing technology that combines ICT and machine technology, is opened at BEXCO on May 24, 2017. 520 companies, including CIMON, from 25 countries has participated. In this exhibition, CIMON introduced new solution and functions of […]

XpanelDesigner Version 2.52 (R170203) is released

Quick Menu Function Detail ∙PC Runtime XPANEL Runtime for PC (needs license) ∙Simulator Dialog UI integrated and bug fixed ∙Alarm Alarm level and color setting ∙Scroll message Message level(0~7) and color setting ∙Command Command execution priority setting ∙Popup page Popup page option added (always, assigned page…) ∙Script XpanelReset, GetCommState, EnableDriver script added ∙Data logger Trigger […]

Overseas sales team job offering

Overseas sales team job offering Overseas sales team job offering Recruitment section Qualification Preferential treatment Recruitment number Overseas sales – Education : college graduates(2 or 3 years) or more than that– Be fluent in English – Experience: Overseas sales over 3 years – Our company prefers university graduate majored in science and engineering, for example […]